*Todja 19 NYC bound* A spoonful of bougie makes the ghetto go down

Ugh goodnight

Also about the boy shoulda been a single before little me and salute shoulda been after move

I just want little mix to lighten up in interviews lately they have been so idk, and before that youd have to catch em on a good day like they are fun girls but they don’t show it plus the Twitter interaction is low, and like they used to do instagram vids and stuff but everything is so dry so so dry and they switched up there entire style it’s not fun anymore its all black and white slacks with a crop top like what’s happening what is going on I need to throw a wake up bucket of water on them

Happy Little Pill on Smallzy’s Surgery. 24/07/2014

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i’ve finally found my aesthetic 


mainheaux it looks like he had two pimples that dried up and and became stale

Leak this bitch address




Words can not describe how much I love nicki minaj


July 24, 2014 - Kesha at The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.

i don't even like eyebrow piercings usually like few ppl can pull it off but i don't even give a fuck michael can still put it in my butt

Michael can get a tatt of a monkey penis on his face and is still love him I think

literally every track is a bop it's surprising a really great debut album u're really gonna like it

I just heard one song so far other than the singles and I loved it


Kanye West emoji emotions  

Little mix give me the harmony filled r&b bangers and neon jungle give me those adrenaline pumping bitch slapping hits and it’s a perfect mix for me