*Todja 19 NYC bound* A spoonful of bougie makes the ghetto go down


some good ass selfies ive taken in the past 24 hours

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When ppl say liam isn’t as hot as he used to be it’s because he’s gained a lil squish and I want it to be known that if a lil squish is enough to make u think he’s not “hot” that’s trash and low key stems from fatphobia and you may say it’s not that serious but it stems from the squish/fat is not hot which is fatphobic goodbye.


Ezra Miller for PRADA FW 2013

actuallycrying look!


// My broken veins say that if my heart stops beating we’ll bleed the same way //

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good thing i am dating michael

Excuse me ???




Do I see step up movie franchise hate on my dash DELETE


By Terrell Davis!!!!!!!

Someone told me to insta dm this to Michael hmmmmm


28/+ of Leigh-Anne Pinnock.

this is a whole new level of white washing…you can barely see her nose

Why are people so consistent with erasing her blackness


someone catfish me plz so i can get on Mtv and promote my mixtape






& Don’t fucking forget it.

Who the fuck cares? Props to her for making that work in your favor especially since it was Ray J of all people like who gives a fuck about a Ray J? Lots of people fuck famous people but not all of them are worth millions now Stevie Ryan net worth= 5 million, Ray J net worth=6 million, Kim K net worth=65 million.

And most of you y’all females hating on her have given oral and/or had sex before and your still broke as fuck. Sooo…..

lmao get the fuck off my post. you are a joke right now. Don’t like it? don’t comment plain as day. lol

No one degrades Ray J for being in the sex tape they degrade the woman, they degrade Kim K because they believe it makes the woman less of a person. 

These private tapes going public ruin women’s lives specifically so if one is able to push past all the hate and degrading comments and still make a career for herself I fucking applaud her she is obviously a fucking business woman. They have websites dedicated to revenge porn and getting back at your girlfriend by posting these videos like what aren’t you guys understanding????

Also you realize if you didn’t like my comment you could have easily just ignored it? 



when someone irrelevant is talkin shit about u

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I can’t believe Yall don’t like oatmeal I’m so hurt like have Yall ever had cinnamon apple oatmeal it’s so good brings a tear to my eye